The Battle of Cambrai officially ended on December 7. The Allies had gained in some areas and lost in others.   Overall, the Allies had gained little territory from the battle. British casualties numbered more than 40 000 while German casualties were estimated to be about 45 000. For the Newfoundland Regiment, casualties from the Battle of Cambrai numbered 352 wounded and 110 dead. 

In recognition of its contribution at Cambrai and at the Third Battle of Ypres from July to November 1917 (sometimes referred to as the Battle of Passchendaele), King George V awarded the prefix "Royal" to the Regiment's title.   This honour was not awarded to any other British Regiment during the First World War. Field Marshal Douglas Haig   noted, "The story of the defence of Masnières and of the part which the Newfoundland Battalion played in it is one which, I trust, will never be forgotten on our side of the Atlantic."    

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Sir Douglas Haig
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