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At the Labrador Interpretation Centre, you’ll discover the founding peoples of Labrador—Innu, Inuit, NunatuKavut Inuit and Settlers. Here, you will explore the lifeways and history of Labrador’s Indigenous peoples from the past into today. 

The permanent exhibition The Past is Where We Come From combines voices, art and artifacts from each of our cultures. The exhibition is presented in Inuktitut, Innu-aimun and English.

Special events and temporary exhibitions are presented each year.









Eldred Allen: Resemblance
September 2023-October 2024

Eldred Allen's portraits of Elders in Rigolet reach beyond mere documentation—they embody an entire community. With profound respect for each subject, Allen's compassionate and elegant images serve as a timeless record for future generations. Started in 2019, this ongoing portrait project shares the Elders' stories, portraying the foundations of families, the beauty of a tight-knit community and the profound importance of preserving cherished heritage.


Eldred Allen is a photographer from Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, Labrador. He is known for his expansive landscapes and wildlife scenes that elevate ordinary subject matter. Allen's work was featured in the September 2019 online exhibition "Looking Down From Up" by Gallery 44 in collaboration with "Inuit Art Quarterly," followed by his inclusion in "Nunatsiavut: Our Beautiful Land," which opened at La Guilde in Montréal, QC in October 2019. He also had images featured in "Chromatik" at La Guilde, "Regeneration" at the Bonavista Biennale, NL in 2021 and "INUA" at Qaumajuk at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, MB in 2021. Allen was shortlisted as a 2021 Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award finalist.

Image Credit: Detail of “John Michelin” (2019), digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist.


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