Visitor Feedback

OledDad, Toronto, ON

This Does Newfoundland and Labrador Proud
An excellent presentation of the history, the people, the culture, and the land that makes newfoundland and Labrador. We had previously visited the Beaumont Hamel memorial to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in France. It was good to get the proverbial "rest of the story" by visiting the Room dedicated to this battle, and the rest of the Caribou Trail from The Great War. We spent almost the entire day there, and will come back should we ever visit St. John's again. If you are planning on having a meal at the top-floor Red Oak Café, get there before lunch to get a window table. The food is as good as the view.


phil52_10, Maidstone, UK

Great Museum
This is a very light and airy museum with some great exhibits. The section on the indigenous populationis informative and educational. The Newfoundland Regiment section for WW1 is well worth a look. There is far more here than you think and time just runs away with you. There are giant windows to the rear which give amazing views of the harbour and the city. There is also plenty of parking available. The cafe and the gift shop are better than average. You can quite easily spend half a day here.


yyztraveller416, Toronto, ON

A must visit to begin to understand Newfoundland
I spent the better part of a rainy afternoon at the Rooms. The world war one exhibit is stellar. It really brings you into the lives and families of Newfoundland and really makes you understand the unique sacrifice that they made in WW1. I also really enjoyed the reading and seeing the history of Newfoundland and Labrador. As someone who grew up in the centre of the country I didn't fully understand the long history and circumstances that lead to this land joining Canada. This isn't just a stuffy museum but a slice of social history. A must visit.


RIch L, Charlotte, North Carolina

Family Research
Went there to find where my Grandparents were buried. I never met them. Within 10 minutes the staff in the Archives section found the cemetery and address. They even had a photo of the marker that turned out to be more readable than the actual thing. Very impressive.