The Military Service Files database includes an entry for all individuals identified in the military service files and/or military service ledgers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies duplicate remove, held by The Rooms Provincial Archives as part of GN 19 Newfoundland military service records (Great War) collection.

Included are the over 6700 members of the First Newfoundland Regiment (later "Royal") and the Newfoundland Forestry Companies, including officers, other ranks, Drum and Bugle Corps, attached specialists and special duty assignments.

An individual's complete service file is attached where available. Service files do not exist for all individuals identified in the records. In this instance, a database record was created based on content recorded in the Military Service ledgers.

Using the Military Service Files database

The records are keyword searchable and sortable based on the column headings: Name, Community, Service number, Age at enlistment, Next of kin, Occupation, Active date, Date of death and Religion. POW status and Fatality status are yes/no searchable fields.

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Name Community Service Number Age of Enlistment Next of Kin Occupation Active Date Religion Fatality PoWsort ascending Date of Death Commendations Notes
LOUDOUN, John 4 Waterloo Road, New Prestwick, Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom 2121 Mrs. Loudon (p) Musician 1916 No No
CRIMP, William 10 McDougall Street, St. John's 4508 18 Bride Crimp (p) Apprentice tailor 1918 Roman Catholic No No
LEE, Ernest Fortune, Burin District 4171 18 Lizzie Faucher (o) Fisherman 1917 Methodist No No
CRUMMEY, Richard Joseph Western Bay, Bay de Verde District 2965 55 William Crummey (p) School teacher 1916 Methodist No No
KING, Samuel Hermitage Bay, Fortune District 1829 23 Henry King (p) Fisherman 1915 Church of England (Anglican) No No
PENNEY, Arthur Bell Island, St. John's East District 4425 18 Samuel Penney (p) Miner 1918 Methodist No No
DOBER, John Burin, Burin District 6180 22 Joseph Dober (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
ROSE, R. [Robert] Clayton 28 Springdale Street, St. John's 2542 22 Marmaduke Rose (p Salesman 1916 Methodist No No Originally enlisted with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment; transferred to Newfoundland Forestry Companies June 1917.
RUSSELL, Herbert Herring Neck, Twillingate District 4764 19 Mrs. S. Russell (o) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
HAMMOND, Thomas 93 Gower Street, St. John's 360 23 Thomas Hammond (p) Dry goods clerk 1921 Church of England (Anglican) No No PDF
MATHIESON, Gerald Topsail Road, St. John's 4405 18 John Mathieson (p) Apprentice engineering 1918 Presbyterian No No
RENDELL, Fred Twillingate, Twillingate District 1851 18 Bessie Elliot (o) Fisherman 1915 Methodist No No
ANTHONY, Gilbert 64 Brazil Square, St. John's 4506 19 John Anthony (p) Shoe maker 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
MANUEL, Samuel W. Exploits, Twillingate District 0-70 - 1204 22 Mary Jane Manuel (p) 1915 Yes No Sunday, March 4, 1917
BRACE, James Joseph St. John's 969 33 Mary Brace (p) Cooper 1915 Roman Catholic No No Partially re-filmed at beginning of reel 74.
TUCKER, Philip Boncloddy Street, St. John's 4940 23 Ignatius Tucker (p) Lumberman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
PIPPY, Walter Elliott Torbay Road, St. John's 691 19 T.A. Pippy (p) Engineer 1914 Methodist No No
TESSIER, William James Waterford Bridge Road, St. John's 2504 22 Mrs. Charles Tessier (p) Surveyor 1916 Roman Catholic No No
CANDOW, Herbert McDonald 109 New Gower Street, St. John's 4674 18 Walter Candow (p) Shoemaker 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
LEVIS, Robert Port Saunders, St. Barbe District 5671 21 William J. Levis (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No Nominal Census for 1921 lists Robert Lavers residing Port Saunders. Details match and no Robert Levis is found in any census. Possible mispelling as recruit attested by making his mark.
OQUINN, Peter J. South Branch, St. George District 5672 21 Peter O'Quinn (p) Farmer 1918 Roman Catholic No No
CHAYTOR, Robert Botwood, Twillingate District 8249 19 Bernard Chaytor (p) Lumberman 1917 Salvation Army No No
MERCER, Richard Chamberlains, Harbour Main District 4570 24 Jacob Mercer (p) Farmer 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
OBRIEN, John J. 27 Adelaide Street, St. John's 3214 21 Mary O'Brien (p) Coachman 1916 Roman Catholic No No
BURTON, Charles Twillingate, Twillingate District 5966 25 Levi Burton (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist Yes No Friday, October 11, 1918
DOWNTON, Herbert 37 Fleming Street, St. John's 6245 18 Frederick Downton (p) Student 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
WHIFFIN, James Southern Harbour, Placentia-St. Marys District 5868 19 John Whiffin (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No Discrepancy in spelling of name - Whiffen
OSBOURNE, Moses J. Blaketown, Trinity District 2441 18 Nathaniel Osbourne (p) Railway hand 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
KEAN, S.G. No information 0-240 No information No information 1916 No No Granted temporary commission to the Regiment for transport to Great Britain to take up service with the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). Served as Medical Officer for Repatriation Draft, March 1919. File included documents for W.E. Procunier, # 0-235.
STONE, Henry Skinner 17 Dicks Square, St. John's 361 29 Hannah Stone (s) Tailor 1914 Church of England (Anglican) No No
ABBOTT, George Newmans Cove, Bonavista District 4838 20 James Abbott (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
MARTIN, John Joseph 55 Plymouth Road, St. John's 3607 23 John Martin (p) Clerk 1917 Roman Catholic No No
MILLER, Llewllyn 58 Mullock Street, St. John's 8305 25 Nath. Miller (p) Clerk 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
MUDFORD, Bennett Cottles Island, Twillingate District 2521 24 Mark Mudford (p) Fisherman 1916 Salvation Army Yes No Saturday, April 14, 1917 Variation in name: Mutford
OAKLEY, William J.F. 172 Hamilton Avenue, St. John's 3281 18 Arthur Oakley (p) Checker 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
BENNETT, Wallace Thomas Flat Bay, St. George District 1787 21 Annie Bennett (p) Fisherman 1915 Roman Catholic No No Discrepancy in name: Benoit
FRY, Hezekiah Charleston, Bonavista District 4959 26 John Fry (p) Labourer 1918 Salvation Army No No
ONEILL, Martin Patrick 8 Lime Street, St. John's 468 30 Margaret O'Neill (s) Painter 1914 Roman Catholic No No Out of numerical order; follows # 475
SLANEY, Gregory St. Lawrence, Burin District 3242 19 Frank Slaney (p) Fisherman 1916 Roman Catholic No No
NOSEWORTHY, Albert Water St., Harbour Grace, Harbour Grace District 1190 22 Joseph Noseworthy (p) 1915 No No
CAREY, Edward St. John's 1370 21 Sadie Carey (p) Motorman 1915 No No
COLES, Humphrey Sunday Cove Island, Twillingate District 3779 21 Levi Coles (p) Fisherman 1917 Methodist No No
HOYLES, Joseph Brookfield, Bonavista District 2513 21 Jane Hoyles (p) Fisherman 1916 Methodist Yes No Tuesday, October 9, 1917
GREENING, Garland Musgravetown. Bonavista District 1506 19 Alexandra Greening (p) Lumberman 1915 Methodist No No
ROBERTS, Francis St. John's 1005 25 Mrs. Francis Roberts (s) Grocery clerk 1915 Roman Catholic Yes No Thursday, October 11, 1917
WALSH, Augustus J. Holyrood, Harbour Main District 3914 22 Patrick Walsh (p) Operator 1917 Roman Catholic No No
KILLIN, Joseph Kent, England, United Kingdom 0-294 - 2112 26 Thomas Killin (p) Paper maker 1916 Roman Catholic No No Partially refilmed at beginning of reel.
BUGDEN, William Britannia Cove, Trinity District 6098 20 John Bugden (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
WHEELER, Baxter Greenspond, Bonavista District 4227 18 George Wheeler (p) Fisherman 1917 Salvation Army No No
RODGERS, John French Beach, Fogo District 2437 22 John Rodgers (p) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No Variant spelling of name - Rogers. Includes a photograph of his wife.