The Military Service Files database includes an entry for all individuals identified in the military service files and/or military service ledgers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies duplicate remove, held by The Rooms Provincial Archives as part of GN 19 Newfoundland military service records (Great War) collection.

Included are the over 6700 members of the First Newfoundland Regiment (later "Royal") and the Newfoundland Forestry Companies, including officers, other ranks, Drum and Bugle Corps, attached specialists and special duty assignments.

An individual's complete service file is attached where available. Service files do not exist for all individuals identified in the records. In this instance, a database record was created based on content recorded in the Military Service ledgers.

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The records are keyword searchable and sortable based on the column headings: Name, Community, Service number, Age at enlistment, Next of kin, Occupation, Active date, Date of death and Religion. POW status and Fatality status are yes/no searchable fields.

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Name Community Service Number Age of Enlistment Next of Kin Occupation Active Date Religion Fatality PoW Date of Death Commendationssort ascending Notes
MOLLOY, John St. Lawrence, Burin District 2339 25 Joseph Molloy (p) Seaman 1916 Roman Catholic - Church of England No No Discrepancy in religion
CLEARY, David R. St. John's 1679 20 Richard Cleary (p) Draper 1915 Roman Catholic No No
CONNORS, Augustus Bell Island, St. John's East District 5216 20 John Connors (p) Miner 1918 Roman Catholic No No
DENNIHEY, John Wabana, Bell Island, St. John's East District 2756 18 Daniel Dennihy (p) Electrician 1916 Roman Catholic No Yes POW Date: 1917
STENLAKE, Wilfrid Down Guernsey, Channel Islands, England, United Kingdom 0-139 - 415 22 Alfred Stenlake (p) Probationer (theological) 1914 Methodist No No Previously transcribed as Wilfred; signature is Wilfrid.
SHUTE, Arthur Victoria Street, Harbour Grace, Harbour Grace District 2728 19 Moses Shute (p) Cooper 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
WATTS, James Pittman 25 Walshs Square, St. John's 397 24 Nina Mary Watts (s) Sailor 1914 Methodist Yes No Thursday, October 12, 1916
PENNEY, Michael Avondale, Harbour Main District 5787 23 Edward Penney (p) Fireman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
HUTCHINGS, George S. 46 Scott Street, St. John's 8302 20 George P. Hutchings (p) Clerk 1917 Congregationalist No No
MORRIS, Riley Kenneth Ramea, Burgeo-LaPoile District 3113 20 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morris (p) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No See also service #2849, Rupert Morris, for will of Riley Morris
WHITEHORN, Archibald New Bay, Twillingate District 5616 24 Emily Whitehorn (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist Yes No Saturday, July 27, 1918 See also #5614 Abner Whitehorn, brother of Archibald.
GREENE, James Joseph Point Verde, Placentia-St. Marys District 2215 20 John Greene (p) Seaman 1916 Roman Catholic No No
GILBERT, Alexander Come By Chance, Placentia-St. Marys District 2891 20 Albert Gilbert (p) Fisherman 1916 Methodist Yes No Friday, March 2, 1917
PARSONS, Frederick Robert Penitentiary Residence, Forest Road, St. John's 2819 28 A.A. Parsons (p) Telegraph operator 1916 Methodist No No
WHITEWAY, Alder Nicholas St. John's 1060 23 Jane Whiteway (p) Sailor 1915 Methodist No No
HAYTER, Hubert Botwood, Twillingate District 3780 18 Harris Hayter (p) Lumberman 1917 Methodist No No
OAKE, Henry Change Islands, North End, Fogo District 2672 18 Josiah Oake (p) Clerk 1916 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No Friday, August 17, 1917
AVERY, William Greenspond, Bonavista District 2861 - 8053 21 Eliza Avery (s) Fisherman 1916 Methodist No No Originally enlisted with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment; transferred to Newfoundland Forestry Companies. No additional service records under Regimental # 2861. # 2862 on attestation form; # 2861 in service ledger; see service # 8053 for service file.
BUTLER, Robert Bay Roberts, Harbour Grace District 1282 21 Emily Butler (p) Labourer 1915 Methodist Yes No Wednesday, October 11, 1916
KENNEDY, James Brig Bay, St. Barbe District 5651 24 John Kennedy (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
PITTMAN, John Little Bay East, Fortune District 5336 21 Isaac Pittman (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
GRANTER, James Greenspond, Bonavista District 5454 24 Joseph Granter (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
RALPH, Cecil Flat Islands, Bonavista District 5201 18 George Ralph (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No Monday, June 10, 1918
ENTWISTLE, Frank Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom 2143 39 Mrs. Entwistle (s) Musician 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No Attested for short service.
BLAKE, Ambrose Ernest Barr'd Island, Fogo District 3138 19 James Jacobs (o) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
JENNINGS, Winfield Moretons Harbour, Twillingate District 5236 19 Walter B. Jennings (p) School teacher 1918 Salvation Army No No
YOUNG, George Bank Head Bay, St. George District 4880 21 Rachael Young (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
BARTER, Alexander 265 Southside Road, St. John's 4001 18 James Barter (p) Clerk 1917 Methodist Yes No Sunday, September 29, 1918
BADCOCK, Arthur Bay Roberts, Harbour Grace District 2314 18 Richard Badcock (p) Fisherman 1916 Methodist Yes No Saturday, March 3, 1917
BURTON, Robert Rose Blanche, Burgeo-LaPoile District 2702 19 Mrs. William Burton (p) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
LESEMAN, Roy Bennett 55 Patrick Street, St. John's 220 21 Flora Leseman (o) Marine engineer 1914 Methodist No No
OTOOLE, John Conception Harbour, Harbour Main District 5827 19 Rhoady O'Toole (p) Farmer 1918 Roman Catholic No No
SQUIRES, Alexander Manuels, Harbour Main District 8347 48 Jane E. Squires (s) Fisherman 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
LYNCH, Archibald Upper Island Cove, Harbour Grace District 5805 22 George Lynch (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
DUNN, Isaac St. Augustine, Labrador 4858 24 Virginia Driscoll (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
STRIDE, Norman Botwood, Twillingate District 3629 18 Sofia (George) Stride (p) Lumberman 1917 Salvation Army No No
THOMPSON, Lionel Hesilden St. John's - Doncaster, England, United Kingdom 802 23 Daniel Thompson (p) Draper 1914 Methodist No No Discrepancy in religion.
BUTT, Edward St. John's 851 23 Mrs. John Butt (p) Teamster 1914 Methodist No No
GREENSLADE, John W. Long Pond, Manuels, Harbour Main District 8274 43 Elizabeth (Dawe) Greenslade (s) Carpenter 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
HOLLANDS, Henry Carbonear, Carbonear District 2239 18 Reverend Charles Hollands (p) Student 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
MULLETT, Victor 22 Pennywell Road, St. John's 8174 19 Rosanna Mullett (p) Labourer 1917 Roman Catholic No No
FRAMPTON, William Bay Bulls, Ferryland District 3336 26 Lillian Frampton (s) Fisherman 1916 hurch of England (Anglican) No No
JAMES/JANES, Frederick St. John's 1275 22 Bertha James (m) Clerk 1915 Methodist Yes No Saturday, July 1, 1916 Entered as Janes in CWGC, N.
BLACKALL, Herbert William Grand Falls, Twillingate District - St. John's 0-86 - 448 20 W.W.Blackall (p) School teacher 1914 No No Blackall resigned his commission 10 January 1916 and joined the 46th Battalion, Canadian Infantry. He died in action at Ypres 30 October 1917.
SHEEHAN, John Joseph 5 Howe Place, St. John's - 2 Hunts Lane, St. John's 35 23 Edward Sheehan (p) Labourer 1914 Roman Catholic Yes No Thursday, December 27, 1917 I - Partially refilmed at beginning of reel; Transferred to Newfoundland Forestry Companies 1917.
MEADEN, Edward A. Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada 4624 20 Simon Meaden (p) Miner 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
BAKER, Gilbert George Fosters Point, Trinity District 3507 21 Mrs. Moses Seaward (p) Fisherman 1917 Methodist No No
ANDERSON, Richard John British Harbour, Trinity District 2628 19 William Anderson (p) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
FAIRWEATHER, S.D. n/a Medical officer No No Attached to Regiment from RAMC; no service number or file; information from ledger.
NOSEWORTHY, Ernest Ivan St. John's 1098 23 Sarah Noseworthy (p) Clerk 1915 Methodist No No