The Military Service Files database includes an entry for all individuals identified in the military service files and/or military service ledgers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies duplicate remove, held by The Rooms Provincial Archives as part of GN 19 Newfoundland military service records (Great War) collection.

Included are the over 6700 members of the First Newfoundland Regiment (later "Royal") and the Newfoundland Forestry Companies, including officers, other ranks, Drum and Bugle Corps, attached specialists and special duty assignments.

An individual's complete service file is attached where available. Service files do not exist for all individuals identified in the records. In this instance, a database record was created based on content recorded in the Military Service ledgers.

Using the Military Service Files database

The records are keyword searchable and sortable based on the column headings: Name, Community, Service number, Age at enlistment, Next of kin, Occupation, Active date, Date of death and Religion. POW status and Fatality status are yes/no searchable fields.

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Name Community Service Number Age of Enlistment Next of Kin Occupation Active Date Religion Fatality PoW Date of Death Commendationssort descending Notes
TUFF, Jabez Templeman, Bonavista District 2606 23 William Tuff (p) Fisherman 1916 Methodist Yes No Sunday, November 19, 1916 Variant spelling of name: Javez
PIKE, Edward Pilleys Island, Twillingate District 1608 24 Dora Pike (s) Stoker 1915 Roman Catholic No No
DINNEY, Andrew Bell Island, St. John's East District 4374 19 William James Dinney (p) Miner 1918 Methodist No No
LEWIS, Gordon 53 Pennywell Road, St. John's 2309 18 Charles Lewis (p) Student 1916 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No Sunday, January 28, 1917 Photograph of grave-site included
TAYLOR, William Bartlett St. John's 1240 20 Mrs. Taylor (p) Cooper 1915 Methodist Yes No Thursday, May 17, 1917
HOPKINS, Edgar Hearts Content, Trinity District 4188 25 W. Hugh Hopkins (p) Telegraph operator 1917 Methodist No No
CHALK, Job Little Catalina, Trinity District 8462 26 Job Chalk (p) Lumberman 1917 Methodist No No Previously transcribed as Chaulk.
REID, Carl St. John's 790 19 Caleb Reid (p) Fisherman 1914 Methodist Yes No Saturday, August 12, 1916
YETMAN, John Tilting, Fogo District 5995 24 William Yetman (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
CLARKE, Stephen Mortier Bay, Marystown, Burin District 1933 22 Henry Clarke (p) Fisherman 1915 Church of England (Anglican) No No
BUDDEN, Allan Seldom Come By, Fogo District 6083 23 James Budden (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
PENNEY, Charles Hickmans Harbour, Random, Trinity District 8050 26 James Penney (p) Millman 1917 Methodist No No
CARROLL, John Thomas Kings Cove, Bonavista District 3042 20 Elizabeth Carroll (p) Painter 1916 Roman Catholic No No
KINSELLA, William Ferryland, Ferryland District 4108 20 Mary (John) Kinsella (p) Fisherman 1917 Roman Catholic No No
PRINCE, John Princeton, Bonavista District 3566 19 Samuel Prince (p) Fisherman 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
JERRETT, Isaac Middle Brook, Gambo, Bonavista District 6121 23 John Jerrett (p) Lumberman 1918 Salvation Army No No
BECKETT, William Rochdale Lanes, Scotland, United Kingdom 2134 26 Mrs. Beckett (p) Musician 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No Attested for short service
CHEESEMAN, Isaac Burin, Burin District 3891 18 Laurence Cheesman (p) Student 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
BYRNE, James Fortune Harbour, Twillingate District 5032 36 John Byrne (o) Lumberman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
GOSSE, Willam 74 New Gower Street, St. John's 2349 18 Mrs. James Gosse (p) Student 1916 Roman Catholic No No
JACKMAN, Michael Joseph Bell Island, St. John's East District 733 19 D.J. Jackman Clerk 1914 Yes No Saturday, July 1, 1916 Documents of Private W. White, service #739 included.
WILLIAMS, George Moulton Pouch Cove, St. John's East District 735 22 Nathaniel Williams (p) Fisherman 1914 No No
OAKLEY, Laurence Summer Street, St. John's 4684 23 Frederick Oakley (p) Labourer 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
LEGROW, Frederick 56 Spencer Street, St. John's 9 19 John Legrow (p) Apprentice 1914 Presbyterian No No
FUDGE, William J. Heads Harbour, Twillingate District 4003 24 Robert Fudge (p) Fisherman 1917 Salvation Army No No
YATES, Harold Cottrells Cove, New Bay, Twillingate District 3910 27 Sidney Yates (p) Lumberman 1917 Salvation Army No No
PETERS, Frederick Earnest Allandale Road, St. John's 4417 18 Joseph Peters (p) Bank clerk 1918 Methodist No No
IRVINE, James Main. 78 Circular Road, St. John's 0-42 - 49 23 James Irvine (p) Butcher 1914 No No
REEVES, George St. Lawrence, Burin District 2279 19 Giles Reeves (p) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
HODDER, Walter Ralph Twillingate, Twillingate District 4791 19 George Hodder (p) Clerk 1918 Methodist No No
BISHOP, Edward C. Catalina, Trinity District 8141 34 Emma Bishop (s) Lumberman 1917 Methodist No No
NEVILLE, Peter Blackmarsh Road, St. John's 3620 18 John Neville (p) Clerk 1917 Roman Catholic No No
BARRETT, Alexander Woody Island, Placentia-St. Marys District 6078 21 Robert J. Barrett (p) Agent 1918 Methodist No No
KING, Archibald Victoria Cove, Gander Bay, Fogo District 2689 21 Alfred John King (p) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
NORMORE, Daniel Sunday Cove Island, Twillingate District 3639 27 Darius Normore (p) Fisherman 1917 Methodist No No
PARROTT, Alfred Bonaventure, Trinity District 4326 18 Saul Parrott (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
POWER, John Francis Fox Cove, Fortune bay 1710 22 Ann Power (p) Fisherman 1915 Roman Catholic No No See also service #1172, Ronald Herbert House
WOODEN, George Grand Bank, Burin District 5575 22 Thomas Wooden (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
HALL, William Portugal Cove Road, St. John's 1949 23 Michael Hall (p) Farmer 1915 Roman Catholic Yes No Sunday, October 27, 1918
WATKINS, Arthur Norris Arm, Twillingate District 4989 19 Samuel Watkins (p) Lumberman 1918 Methodist No No
HEALEY, Philip Grand Falls, Twillingate District 2191 22 James Healey (p) Papermaker 1916 Roman Catholic No Yes POW Date: 1917
PARSONS, William Harbour Grace, Harbour Grace District 3695 18 Prescott Parsons (p) Fisherman 1917 Methodist No No
LIDSTONE, Walter John Topsail Road, St. John's 8215 19 William Lidstone (p) Labourer 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
BUTLER, Henry Albert Kelligrews, Harbour Main District 0-199 - 325 23 Reuben Butler (p) Student 1914 No No
COLBOURNE, Victor Lushes Bight, Long Island, Twillingate District 3360 19 James Colbourne (p) Fisherman 1916 Methodist No No
DWYER, Martin Beach Hill, Bell Island, St. John's East District 2499 18 Thomas Dwyer (p) Teamster 1918 Roman Catholic Yes Yes Sunday, December 30, 1917 POW Date: 1917
GREEN, William Joseph 39 Water Street, St. John's 320 21 Angela Green (o) Labourer 1914 Roman Catholic No No
HOARE, Edward John 47 Power Street, St. John' s 453 24 George H.M. Bursell (o) Bank clerk 1914 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No Wednesday, June 14, 1916
ANTLE, Peter Turks Cove, Trinity district 5604 21 Philip Antle (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No Also contains four documents relating to Service # 663 John Antle.
ANTHONY, Joseph 31 Wellington St., Newton-on-Ayr, Scotland 8009 24 Jennett Anthony (s) 1917 No No File missing. Information from service ledger.