The Military Service Files database includes an entry for all individuals identified in the military service files and/or military service ledgers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies duplicate remove, held by The Rooms Provincial Archives as part of GN 19 Newfoundland military service records (Great War) collection.

Included are the over 6700 members of the First Newfoundland Regiment (later "Royal") and the Newfoundland Forestry Companies, including officers, other ranks, Drum and Bugle Corps, attached specialists and special duty assignments.

An individual's complete service file is attached where available. Service files do not exist for all individuals identified in the records. In this instance, a database record was created based on content recorded in the Military Service ledgers.

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The records are keyword searchable and sortable based on the column headings: Name, Community, Service number, Age at enlistment, Next of kin, Occupation, Active date, Date of death and Religion. POW status and Fatality status are yes/no searchable fields.

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Name Community Service Number Age of Enlistmentsort ascending Next of Kin Occupation Active Date Religion Fatality PoW Date of Death Commendations Notes
KING, Jabez William Lewisporte, Twillingate District 2718 24 Matthew King (p) Lumberman 1916 Yes No Wednesday, August 9, 1916
WATERMAN, Frederick Walter Change Islands, Fogo District 0-73 - 441 24 William H. Waterman (p) Clerk 1914 No No PDF
HAYES, Patrick Joseph Bollardstown, Woody Island, Placentia-St. Marys District 2335 24 Edward Hayes (p) Fisherman 1916 Roman Catholic No Yes POW Date: 1917
HOSKINS, William J. St. Albans, Fortune District 6227 24 Thomas Hoskins (p) Lumberman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
HALFYARD, John Bonne Bay, St. Barbe District 3801 24 Laura (Silas) Halfyard (p) Fisherman 1917 Methodist Yes No Saturday, October 12, 1918
KAVANAGH, John James Fox Cove, Burin District 2953 24 John Kavanagh (p) Fisherman 1916 Roman Catholic Yes No Tuesday, October 9, 1917 Previously transcribed as Kavanaugh
CHEESEMAN, James Red Island, Placentia-St. Marys District 6080 24 Lizzie Webber (o) Sailor 1918 Roman Catholic No No
TILLEY, Henry 66 Pennywell Road, St. John's 307 24 William James Tilley (p) Cabinet maker 1914 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No Saturday, April 14, 1917
BOURGOIS, John Stephenville, St. George District 5991 24 Marcel Bourgois (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No Variant spelling of name - Bourgeois
HURLEY, Robert Joseph 22 Buchanan Street, St. John's 2982 24 Catherine Green (p) Teamster 1916 Roman Catholic Yes Yes Friday, May 9, 1919 POW Date: 1917 Photograph of Hurley in full uniform included, photograph of grave-site included
DWYER, Patrick Holyrood, Harbour Main District 3927 24 John Dwyer (p) Fisherman 1917 Roman Catholic No No
WILLAR, Harry 9 Bond Street, St. John's 8420 24 Wilhelmina Willar (s) 1917 No No File missing. Information from service ledger.
MERCER, Edward Bay Roberts, Harbour Grace District 5301 24 Isaac Mercer (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
HOWELL, William Pilleys Island, Twillingate District 5510 24 John Howell (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
WORKMAN, Wilson Hearts Delight, Trinity District 5839 24 Henry Workman (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
PIKE, Edward Pilleys Island, Twillingate District 1608 24 Dora Pike (s) Stoker 1915 Roman Catholic No No
YETMAN, John Tilting, Fogo District 5995 24 William Yetman (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
FUDGE, William J. Heads Harbour, Twillingate District 4003 24 Robert Fudge (p) Fisherman 1917 Salvation Army No No
FISHER, William 36 Cabot Street, St. John's 8377 24 Elizabeth Fisher (s) Labourer 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
DUNN, John S. Grand Falls, Twillingate District 8023 24 Reverend W.D. Dunn (p) Surveyor 1917 Methodist No No
STAGG, Edmund Little Catalina, Trinity District 5339 24 Thomas Stagg (p) Sailor 1918 Methodist No No
WALSH, Michael Waterford Bridge Road, St. John's 4954 24 Edward Walsh (p) Labourer 1918 Roman Catholic No No
CASHIN, John Simon St. George, St. George District 233 24 Catherine Bennet (o) Fisherman 1914 Roman Catholic No No
EDENS, Leonard A. 39 Queens Road, St. John's 0-53 - 2547 24 T.J. Edens (p) Student 1916 Yes No Monday, March 18, 1918 Had been investigated as a possible POW. Attached Royal Flying Corps (later Royal Air Force) 1916-1918.
EARLE, George Moretons Harbour, Twillingate District 3684 24 William Earle (p) Fisherman 1917 Salvation Army Yes No Wednesday, March 13, 1918
HOLLETT, Malcolm Mercer Burin, Burin District 2078 24 Henry Hollett (p) 1916 Methodist No No Hollett was a Rhodes Scholar, discharged to attend Oxford.
WOODS, Lloyd W. 68 LeMarchant Road, St. John's 0-184 - 660 24 Sydney Woods (p) 1914 No No
MURPHY, William John Conception Harbour, Harbour Main District 975 23 Johanna Murphy (o) Labourer 1915 Yes No Saturday, October 9, 1915
FERGUSON, Stewart Small 67 Springdale Street, St. John's 95 23 Daniel Ferguson (p) Civil engineer 1914 Presbyterian Yes No Saturday, July 1, 1916
BUTLER, Alfred Francis Hodges Cove, Random, Trinity District 460 23 Rev. W.A. Butler (o) Fisherman 1914 Church of England (Anglican) No No Attestation papers not included.
WEST, Henry Ladle Cove, Fogo District 1591 23 William Burke (o) Fisherman 1915 Methodist No No
WALTERS, Joseph Champneys, Trinity District 1855 23 John Walters (p) Student 1915 Church of England (Anglican) No No Partially re-filmed at beginning of reel 123
BRAKE, John Thomas Marystown, Burin District 2937 23 George Brake (p) Fisherman 1916 Roman Catholic No No
QUIRK, Richard St. Lawrence, Burin District 6248 23 Martha Quirk (p) Clerk 1918 Roman Catholic No No
GARLAND, James W. Green Point, Fortune District 6044 23 Jeremiah Garland (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
TILLEY, Andrew Old Perlican, Trinity Bay, Bay de Verde 5266 23 William Tilley (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No Previously transcribed as Lilley.
DOBER, Peter Spanish Room, Burin District 6066 23 Joseph Dober (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic Yes No Friday, October 25, 1918 Also includes correspondence relating to # 5367 Charlie Fudge.
CLOUTER, Frederick Augustus Catalina, Trinity District 422 23 Garland Clouter (p) Fisherman 1914 Methodist No No
HUNT, James Grand Falls, Twillingate - Bonavista, Bonavista District 564 23 Elizabeth Hunt (p) Paper hanger 1914 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No
CLARKE, John Dunfield, Trinity District 3642 23 Jacob Clarke (p) Fisherman 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No PDF Also served with the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve, # 1160X; Variant spelling of name - Clarke
BROWN, John Winterton, Trinity District 2803 23 John Brown (p) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
HOWLETT, John Tors Cove, Ferryland District 5810 23 Patrick Howlett (p) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
FRANCIS, Lorenzo New Chelsea, Trinity District 5365 23 Catherine Pynn (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
HERDER, Hubert Clinton 40 Rennies Mill Road, St. John's 0-79 - 3 23 William J. Herder (p) Agriculturist 1914 Methodist Yes No Saturday, July 1, 1916
THOMS, Michael Little Bay, Twillingate District 5532 23 John Thoms (p) Farmer 1918 Roman Catholic No No
PARDY, James Woody Island, Placentia-St. Marys 6152 23 Charles Pardy (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No See also # 2763; enlisted in 1916 and recorded as deserter; re-enlisted 1918
DOODY, James David Crowdy Street, Carbonear, Carbonear District 2651 23 Mrs. David Doody (p) Seaman 1916 Roman Catholic Yes No Monday, February 4, 1918 Originally enlisted with Royal Naval Reserve 1624X
HOUSE, John Greenspond, Bonavista District 2480 23 John House (p) Fisherman 1916 Methodist Yes No Tuesday, November 20, 1917
RICHARDS, John Topsail, Harbour Main District 5464 23 Michael Richards (p) Farmer 1918 Roman Catholic No No
MCKINLAY, Joseph St. John's 748 23 Alexander McKinlay (p) Marine engineer 1914 Presbyterian No No