Home and School

Foran Classroom and Level 4 Cenovus Gallery
No Cost. Schools are responsible for transportation and adequate supervision.

Dates offered: October 3 - May 24, Tuesday - Friday
Time: 9:30-11:30 am

How things have changed! Through interactive, hands-on activities, students get a taste of life as it was in many parts of rural Newfoundland and Labrador over 100 years ago. What does using chalk and slate sound and feel like? How hard was it to wash laundry by hand? What games did kids play? What crafts did people make at home? A step back in time designed especially for primary children.

This program has been developed to meet curriculum outcomes for Grade 2. One class per booking.

Please contact Visitor Services at 709-757-8090 to book.

Image: Provincial Archives, VA 174-80