Healing and Commemoration Edukit

With financial support from Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, and as part of the Healing and Commemoration Project, this Edukit provides students an opportunity to learn about residential schools in Labrador and Newfoundland. 

These resources were developed under the leadership and guidance of the Healing and Commemoration Advisory Committee, to help students further understand and participate in reconciliation, spread awareness and education about residential schools in the province, and to foster acknowledgement and understanding towards those who attended the schools and their families.  

The activities support the curriculum objectives of social studies programs (Grade 8 – 12) under the NLESD as well as allow for the use of pedagogy and philosophy important to Indigenous learning.

Each kit includes a teacher resource guide, a reproduction of "The Healing" by Inez, Jack and Jane Shiwak, posters and copies of the Government of Canada Apology in four languages, etc.. 

Kits are available to schools across the province, on a loan basis, free of charge. 

Please contact joybarfoot@therooms.ca to book your kit.