The Rooms BMO First World War Edukit

By using this kit students have the opportunity to discover the role of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in the First World War.  Through reproduction artifacts and archival documents, activities and suggested discussion topics, students learn about the War experiences at home and overseas, roles of soldiers and sailors, doctors and nurses and how we remember and commemorate the War today.

Additional Resources

  1. Description Sheets (PDF file)
  2. Medical Clearance Card (PDF)
  3. Personal Training Manual (PDF)
  4. To the People of Newfoundland (image)
  5. Periscope Template (PDF)
  6. Ernest Chafe letter (image)
  7. Charge of the Hero band (image)
  8. Home Front At War newspaper (PDF)
  9. Maysie Parsons letter (PDF)
  10. Our Soldier Lads (image)
  11. God Save The King lyrics (image)
  12. Ode To Newfoundland (PDF)
  13. King's Colour Postcard (PDF)
  14. The Distaff (PDF)
  15. Mary Watt's Autograph Book (PDF)
  16. Forget-Me-Not template (PDF)