One in Five

Display Date: 
May 3 to July 24, 2022
Level 2.5 Vitrines

In October 2021, The Rooms hosted Prajwala Dixit’s program “Diyas for Diversity”. Prompted with questions Dixit provided around identity and mental health, participants were invited to paint a diya, a small clay lamp used during Diwali, and to reflect and respond with thoughts and feelings around how identity and mental health connect and intersect. The exhibition One in Five comes out of this workshop.

*Reflections presented as part of this display are anonymous, and were left with “Diyas for Diversity” with the understanding that they could be part of a public display.

Find out more about Mental Health Week and resources available to learn more:

CMHA Mental Health Week - Canadian Mental Health Association

Prajwala Dixit is a journalist/columnist, filmmaker, playwright, mental health advocate and author based in St. John’s. The Rooms appreciates the workshop participants’ contributions and Prajwala Dixit’s collaboration on this display.