Glenn Gear: Ivaluk Ullugiallu | Sinew & Stars

Display Date: 
July 5, 2023 - January 21, 2024
Level 3 Harbour Art Gallery

Glenn Gear's immersive installation explores the connection and displacement of the caribou's path across the landscape of Labrador. Inspired by traditional string games, sinew becomes a metaphor for the ties between land, animals and stories in Inuit culture. Invoking a sense of awe, the space describes enigmatic connections to land and histories—experiences that are felt rather than explained with words.

This work will act as a “portal” connecting with a sister project at the Bonavista Biennale, which will be on display on the Bonavista Peninsula from August 19 to September 17, 2023.

About Glenn Gear

Glenn Gear is an Indigiqueer filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist of Inuit and settler descent currently living in Montréal, QC. He is originally from Corner Brook, NL and has family ties to Nunatsiavut. His practice is grounded in a research-creation methodology shaped by Inuit and Indigenous ways of knowing–often employing the use of animation, photo archives, painting, beading and work with traditional materials such as sealskin.

To learn more:

Click here to listen to an Interview with Glenn Gear.


Image: Installation view of Glenn Gear: Ivaluk Ullugiallu (Sinew & Stars).