Kim Morgan: Blood and Breath, Skin and Dust

Display Date: 
December 9, 2023 - April 28, 2024
Level 3 Main Art Gallery

Organized and circulated by Dalhousie Art Gallery (Halifax, NS)
Curator and Conceptual Collaborator: Susan Gibson Garvey

Kim Morgan’s works create a bridge between science, medicine, and art. Blood and Breath, Skin and Dust focuses on eight years of Morgan’s interdisciplinary research and artistic production. Through immersive installations, sculptural objects, and sound and video work, the exhibition explores materiality and the body. Inspired by experiencing vibrant matter, such as blood and skin cells, through the lens of an electron microscope, Morgan’s bodily-sourced imagery can both attract and repel. It also creates opportunities to wonder at the matter of being human in the “mattering” universe.

The exhibition is funded by Arts Nova Scotia, the Canada Council for the Arts and Halifax Regional Municipality. Individual works have received support from Artpace San Antonio, Arts Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Medical School and Ferno Canada.


About the Artist

Kim Morgan is a visual artist working in sculpture, installation and multi-media. Born in Saskatchewan and now based in Halifax, her work explores the impact of technology on people’s perceptions of time, space, and the body, and the shifting boundaries between the private and the public. An essential part of her practice has been creating interdisciplinary collaborative public art installations. These projects use public space as a laboratory to consider current issues.

Morgan’s work has been exhibited in galleries such as Mass MoCA (North Adams, MA), Artpace (San Antonio, TX), John Michael Kohler Arts Centre (Sheboygan, WI), Cynthia Broan Gallery (NYC), St. Paul’s Gallery (New Zealand), Dalhousie Art Gallery (Halifax, NS), Mount St. Vincent Art Gallery (Halifax, NS), and in public spaces such as the Regina Transit System (SK), the 2010 Vancouver Olympics (BC), National Arts Centre (Ottawa, ON), Dalhousie University Medical School (Halifax, NS), and the 2019 Nuit Blanche (Toronto, ON).

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About the Curator

For nearly 50 years, Susan Gibson Garvey has been active in the Canadian visual arts community as an artist, educator, critic, curator, and gallery director. She was the Curator and later the Director of the Dalhousie Art Gallery from 1990 to 2007.


Image credits:
Exhibition List Page: Kim Morgan, installation view of Blood and Breath, Skin and Dust (2022), with (left to right): Room Setting, Sigh, ink on polyester taffeta, two electric fans on timers, and SEM images of blood cells magnified c. 10000 times, dimensions variable; and Dust Ball (belly button) intervention. Photo: Steve Farmer. Image courtesy of Dalhousie Art Gallery.

Banner Image: Kim Morgan. Blood Galaxy (Deep Space), (2022), detail