Died in Service is a commemorative database featuring some 1800 individual wartime biographies of those, primarily from Newfoundland and Labrador, who gave their life during the First World War while in service with the (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment, the Canadian Expeditionary Force, the British Army, the Australian Imperial Force and the Royal Naval Reserve (Newfoundland). Later additions are intended to include those of the Voluntary Aid Detachment and the Newfoundland Mercantile Marine.

Information in the database has been researched and compiled by Alistair Rice who has generously donated it to The Rooms Corporation for public use via the Archives Division. Work to format the data and make it available on line was begun by Rooms staff during the summer and fall of 2016 and continues to this day (2022).

Died In Service may be searched by individual surname or service number. Inquires or questions about the database may be sent to archives@therooms.ca

If you are searching for multiple records please use quotations. I.e. “John Smith”
Namesort descending Served With Service Number
Cook, James (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2600
Cook, Thomas (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1141
Cook, William Rex (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 553
Coombs, Harry (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 393
Coombs, Joshua Canadian Expeditionary Force 85933
Cooper, Mark Burton Canadian Expeditionary Force 136208
Cooper, Peter J. (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 786
Cooper, Ward Mellage (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1945
Copley, Thomas Royal Naval Reserve 1162x
Corbett, Andrew Canadian Expeditionary Force 878426
Corcoran, Laurence Joseph (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1635
Cornick, Stanley Frederick Canadian Expeditionary Force 208443
Costello, Alfred Benedict Canadian Expeditionary Force 151587
Costello, William Patrick (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1142
Coughlan, Louis (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2256
Coultas, William Norman (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1058
Courage, Archibald Canadian Expeditionary Force 457383
Courage, Harrison (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1249
Cowan, George Tremaine Canadian Expeditionary Force 24582
Cox, Joseph Canadian Expeditionary Force 878263
Cox, William (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2989
Cram, Gilbert Canadian Expeditionary Force 817412
Crane, Charles Henry (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1405
Crane, John Charles (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 4074
Crane, Joseph (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2313
Crane, Nathaniel (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 363
Cranford, James F. (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2221
Cranford, Llewelyn C. (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1663
Critch, Kenneth George (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1264
Croak, John Bernard Canadian Expeditionary Force 445312
Crocker, Francis Thomas Royal Naval Reserve 2226x
Crocker, Harrison (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1186
Crocker, Job (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2418
Crocker, Stanley Royal Naval Reserve 2178x
Cron, James Matthew (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1585
Crosbie, George Graham (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1447
Cross, William Royal Naval Reserve 1991x
Crotty, Leo Francis (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3935
Croucher, James E. (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2711
Croucher, Nathaniel (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1495
Crowdy, Charles H. Canadian Expeditionary Force Captain
Crowley, Clayton Marcel Canadian Expeditionary Force 69118
Crowley, Willie Spurgeon Canadian Expeditionary Force 3080382
Cuff, George Little (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 630
Cull, Morris Canadian Expeditionary Force 180348
Cullen, Alfred Canadian Expeditionary Force 687570
Cullimore, Elijah Royal Naval Reserve 1189x
Cumby, Erastus Royal Naval Reserve 1777x
Cummings, Arthur (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 815
Curley, John Thomas (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1435