Died in Service is a commemorative database featuring some 1800 individual wartime biographies of those, primarily from Newfoundland and Labrador, who gave their life during the First World War while in service with the (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment, the Canadian Expeditionary Force, the British Army, the Australian Imperial Force and the Royal Naval Reserve (Newfoundland). Later additions are intended to include those of the Voluntary Aid Detachment and the Newfoundland Mercantile Marine.

Information in the database has been researched and compiled by Alistair Rice who has generously donated it to The Rooms Corporation for public use via the Archives Division. Work to format the data and make it available on line was begun by Rooms staff during the summer and fall of 2016 and continues to this day (2022).

Died In Service may be searched by individual surname or service number. Inquires or questions about the database may be sent to archives@therooms.ca

If you are searching for multiple records please use quotations. I.e. “John Smith”
Namesort ascending Served With Service Number
Strange, George Alison Royal Naval Reserve 2718x
Stoodley, Lyman George (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2160
Stone, Henry Thomas (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2099
Stone, Henry Joseph (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2755
Stone, Edward Royal Naval Reserve 1295x
Stockley, Levi (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3726
Stockley, Gordon Canadian Expeditionary Force 476898
Stockley, Frederick William (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3518
Stickley, Frederick Charles Canadian Expeditionary Force 404213
Stickland, Ingram (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3791
Stevenson, Alfred (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1622
Stevens, Maxwell Canadian Expeditionary Force 222921
Stevens, George William Canadian Expeditionary Force 469510
Stevens, Cyril Canadian Expeditionary Force 877600
Stevens, Charles (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2433
Stephenson, William (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3737
Stephenson, John Sydney (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 32
Steele, William Owen (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 326
Steele, John Thomas Canadian Expeditionary Force 877568
Steele, Henry Joseph Canadian Expeditionary Force 226878
Steele, Eleazer Canadian Expeditionary Force 415621
Steed, Dugald Royal Naval Reserve 1032x
Stead, Jabez (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2487
Starks, Edward George (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2559
Stanley, Harold Alexander Royal Naval Reserve 2184x
Stacey, Alfred James (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1747
St. Croix, William Royal Naval Reserve 1222x
Squires, Richard Joseph Royal Naval Reserve 1280x
Squires, Kader (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2055
Squires, John (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2343
Squires, John (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2456
Squires, Gregory Canadian Expeditionary Force 68448
Squires, Frederick (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3584
Squires, Ephraim (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3752
Squires, Cecil Alfred (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3353
Squibb, Josiah (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 243
Spurrell, Walter John Royal Naval Reserve 969x
Spurrell, Richard (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1745
Spurrell, Francis J. (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 979
Spracklin, Wilcox Canadian Expeditionary Force 415345
Spracklin, John Gardiner Canadian Expeditionary Force 715704
Spracklin, Edgar Jonathan Royal Naval Reserve 1113x
Spencer, Herbert Maxwell (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3640
Spencer, Harvey Bennett (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2592
Sparkes, Stephen Royal Naval Reserve 1538x
Sparkes, Samuel Royal Naval Reserve 2047x
Sparkes, George Joseph (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 253
Sparkes, Eli Royal Naval Reserve 862x
Sparkes, Edgar Wesley (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 4140
Southcott, Thomas (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3852