Died in Service is a commemorative database featuring some 1800 individual wartime biographies of those, primarily from Newfoundland and Labrador, who gave their life during the First World War while in service with the (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment, the Canadian Expeditionary Force, the British Army, the Australian Imperial Force and the Royal Naval Reserve (Newfoundland). Later additions are intended to include those of the Voluntary Aid Detachment and the Newfoundland Mercantile Marine.

Information in the database has been researched and compiled by Alistair Rice who has generously donated it to The Rooms Corporation for public use via the Archives Division. Work to format the data and make it available on line was begun by Rooms staff during the summer and fall of 2016 and continues to this day (2022).

Died In Service may be searched by individual surname or service number. Inquires or questions about the database may be sent to archives@therooms.ca

If you are searching for multiple records please use quotations. I.e. “John Smith”
Namesort descending Served With Service Number
Abbot, Arthur John (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2201
Abbott, Eli (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2119
Abbott, Frederick (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3483
Abbott, George (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1242
Abbott, Maxwell Royal Naval Reserve 1672x
Abbott, Stanley (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 283
Ackerman, George Blackmore Canadian Expeditionary Force 877440
Adams, John Joseph Canadian Expeditionary Force 716001
Adams, John Thomas Royal Naval Reserve 1516x
Adams, Otto Herbert (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1770
Adams, William (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2306
Adey, Enoch B. Canadian Expeditionary Force 68286
Alcock, Clement Augustus Wilfrid (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1372
Alderdice, Norman Harvey Canadian Expeditionary Force G6613
Alexander, Joseph (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 6299
Alexander, Walter Ernest (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1504
Anderson, Israel (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1069
Anderson, James Royal Naval Reserve 1558x
Andrews, Joseph (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1119
Andrews, Walter (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2058
Anthony, James Bray Canadian Expeditionary Force 2075662
Antle, Gilbert (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1899
Applin, Samuel Maurice Canadian Expeditionary Force 133124
Arnold, Chesley Gladstone (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1386
Ash, Archibald (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 575
Ash, Enos Ezekiel Canadian Expeditionary Force 489157
Ash, Francis Canadian Expeditionary Force 469417
Ash, Hubert Canadian Expeditionary Force 488832
Ash, Thomas Canadian Expeditionary Force 180575
Aspell, John Joseph (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1126
Attwood George (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1525
Atwill, Duncan (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1833
Atwill, James (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1914
Avery, Hezekiah (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 5140
Ayles, Alexander Royal Naval Reserve 1697x
Ayre, Bernard Pitts British Army Captain
Ayre, Edward Alphonsus (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1009
Ayre, Eric Stanley (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment Captain
Ayre, Gerald Walter (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 869
Ayre, Wilfrid Douglas (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 164
Babstock, William Thomas Royal Naval Reserve 477x
Badcock, Arthur (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 2314
Baggs, Arthur William Royal Naval Reserve 2239x
Baggs, John George Canadian Expeditionary Force 715935
Baggs, John William Canadian Expeditionary Force 530509
Bailey, Aaron Miller Canadian Expeditionary Force 68405
Baker, Edward Canadian Expeditionary Force A38084
Baker, Esau (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 3696
Baker, George (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 1439
Baker, Nero (Royal) Newfoundland Regiment 5041