Bubble Tours Now Available

This summer we’re pleased to offer Bubble Tours! Looking for something to do with your bubble? We have lots of Room at The Rooms and we’re a great place to visit with your bubble. Call ahead to book a private tour for your bubble when planning your next visit; same day reservations are unavailable. Call 757-8091, Monday to Friday, and book one of the tours described below.

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Memories of the First World War – A guided tour about the impacts of the First World War on Newfoundlanders and how events overseas dramatically altered our lives at home.           

Take Flight: Newfoundland’s Aviation History – A guided tour of Newfoundland aviation history. Find out about Alcock and Brown, Amelia Earhart, Balbo Armada, the Flying Boats of Botwood, military airbases, and our communities during the tragedy of 9-11.

A History of Fort Townshend – Learn about the military history of The Rooms location, occupied since 1778. Find out how The Rooms came to be built in St. John’s. (Note: this tour takes place on The Rooms grounds, dress appropriately).

Fishing for Cod – Through a tour of two exhibitions; From This Place: Our Lives on Land and Sea, and Here, We Made a Home, you will learn about the salt cod trade in the province.