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Chevron Open Minds

The Chevron Open Minds program allows teachers to move their classroom to The Rooms for an entire week. Students become immersed in their new learning environment, learning deeply while participating in a curriculum-based, interdisciplinary program developed by their teacher in consultation with The Rooms Education and Public Programming Officers.

Since the program started in 2009, both students and teachers have discovered countless benefits to spending a week in this stimulating environment, with experts in respective disciplines on hand.

Thank you for showing me what’s in my heart and that was sketching and writing. Now you made me twice as smart. - Grade 4 Student

A $500 per class fee for the week-long Chevron Open Minds at The Rooms program includes all busing to and from school to The Rooms, notebooks for journal writing and sketching, and any additional programming costs.  This program is co-sponsored by Chevron Canada.

Please note: the deadline for applications for the 2017-2018 school year is April 12, 2017.

For more information, please contact Chevron Open Minds at The Rooms School Coordinator Stephanie Rowe Slaney at (709)-757-8069. Email: