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Chevron Canada has proudly supported the Chevron Open Minds at The Rooms School since 2009, inspiring creativity, curiosity and inquiry in our community.

Chevron Open Minds at The Rooms provides teachers with the opportunity to move their classroom to The Rooms for an entire week.  This innovative program is based on the Open Minds education concept, which emphasizes the value of allowing students to slow down and become immersed in new and engaging learning environments. 

Students participate in a curriculum based, interdisciplinary program developed by their teacher in consultation with the Chevron Open Minds Coordinator.  Each week is unique and is based on the needs of the teachers and students.

Learners connect with content experts and collections at The Rooms through intellectually rich, hands on experiences. Interaction with historic artifacts, natural history specimens, archival records and art stimulate inquiry and critical thinking in meaningful and authentic ways.

Observation, writing and drawing are key elements to the Open Minds concept and each participating student and teacher is provided with their own journal to use before, during and after their time at The Rooms.  Prior to their week at the site, teachers and students are given the opportunity to participate in workshops on object based learning, writing and sketching.

“I loved going to The Rooms. I really felt like I belonged.” - Student
“We feel it is a fantastic addition to classroom curriculum.” - Teachers
“It was a wonderful enriching week of interactive learning that she will benefit from forever.” - Parent 
“An awesome gesture from Chevron to invest in our youth, thank you! Thanks to The Rooms too!” - Parent


Why Journal?

Consider why journaling is a meaningful tool for nurturing observation, curiosity and critical thinking. Follow our Open Minds journaling series as we learn to slow down and interpret the world around us. 


For additional information on the Chevron Open Minds at The Rooms School, please contact;

Anna Dunne-Hussey
Coordinator-Chevron Open Minds 
t: 709 757-8069