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Rhonda Pelley: The Fever

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Now until November 2018
Level 2.5

The Fever presents a tarot card reading of Newfoundland and Labrador’s past, present and future. Pelley has created unique cards by digitally collaging images taken from the internet and combined them with images collected from various archives, as well as her own photography. Viewers may recognize politicians, famous local buildings, and well-known historic events – what can you find that you recognize? The Fever asks us to consider how the past informs our future. What feverish or frenzied patterns of thinking have created our present situation in the province and how can we change the patterns to change the future?    

As daughter of painter Ron Pelley, Rhonda Pelley (b. St. John’s, NL) grew up immersed in art and mysticism. She got her first tarot deck at nineteen, and began studying Western Hermeticism (an ancient spiritual, philosophical, and magical tradition) under a tutor soon after. Pelley’s artwork has been exhibited at the RCA and Leyton Galleries (St. John’s), Galerie Les Territoires (Montreal), the San Francisco Arts Commission, and the Musée de l’Elysée (Switzerland).

Image: Rhonda Pelley. The Eight of Cups (2018). Digital photo-collage. 47 x 55 cm. Courtesy the artist.



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