Top 3 Attractions - Bottled Moose

Canning, bottling and preserving is still a necessity throughout Newfoundland and Labrador in many communities. The tradition of hunting moose, caribou, and other wild game for the winter is passed down from generation to generation. As many families did for centuries, elder family members still join in the honoured tradition of being the provider during the long, harsh winter months. From the hunt to the catch to the preparation and preserving – it is truly a gesture of acceptance and appreciation for what this province gives back to us.

Grant Boland, Bottled Moose (Detail), 2002, oil on canvas, 37.8 x 38 cm, The Rooms, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Collection

The Bottled Moose painting can be found within the Truth or Myth: Feast or Famine exhibition on Level 4 Art Gallery of The Rooms.