The Military Service Files database includes an entry for all individuals identified in the military service files and/or military service ledgers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Forestry Companies duplicate remove, held by The Rooms Provincial Archives as part of GN 19 Newfoundland military service records (Great War) collection.

Included are the over 6700 members of the First Newfoundland Regiment (later "Royal") and the Newfoundland Forestry Companies, including officers, other ranks, Drum and Bugle Corps, attached specialists and special duty assignments.

An individual's complete service file is attached where available. Service files do not exist for all individuals identified in the records. In this instance, a database record was created based on content recorded in the Military Service ledgers.

Using the Military Service Files database

The records are keyword searchable and sortable based on the column headings: Name, Community, Service number, Age at enlistment, Next of kin, Occupation, Active date, Date of death and Religion. POW status and Fatality status are yes/no searchable fields.

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Name Community Service Number Age of Enlistment Next of Kinsort descending Occupation Active Date Religion Fatality PoW Date of Death Commendations Notes
MEANEY, Ronald Joseph St. John's 1353 18 Dennis Meaney (p) Waiter 1915 Roman Catholic No No
PICCO, Joseph St. Josephs, Placentia-St. Marys District 6056 21 Dennis Picco (p) Sailor 1918 Roman Catholic No No
BISHOP, Malcolm J. Greenspond, Bonavista District 3901 26 Derm Bishop (p) Draper 1917 Methodist No No
KING, Joseph Andrew Broad Cove, Bay de Verde District 1356 19 Diana King (p) Fisherman 1915 Methodist Yes No Saturday, July 1, 1916
GULLIVER, Arthur 24 Tessier Place, St. John's 3162 19 Diana Noseworthy (p) Labourer 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
LAITE, Llewellyn Smith Sound, Trinity District 2257 18 Diane Laite (o) Fisherman 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
GULLIVER, Herbert 7 Tessier Street, St. John's 2620 23 Dina Gulliver (p) Labourer 1916 Church of England (Anglican) No No
GRANDY, Philip Roy Grand Bank, Burin District 2985 22 Dinah Grandy (p) Sailmaker 1916 Methodist No No
NORMORE, Levi Cutwell Harbour, Long Island, Twillingate District 2425 25 Dinah Normore (p) Fisherman 1916 Methodist Yes No Saturday, April 14, 1917 Discrepancy in next of kin, both Mrs. Dinah Normore and Mrs. James Colbourne are listed as being his mother, Dinah Normore was his adoptive mother.
PIERCEY, Samuel Clayton St. John's 757 23 Dinah Piercey (p) Compass maker 1914 Methodist No No
SCOTT, Ford G. Channel, Burgeo-LaPoile District 4097 18 Dinah Scott (p) Clerk 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
MCDONALD, William Bank Head, St. George District 5986 24 Dinier Farrell (p) Fisherman 1918 Church of England (Anglican) No No
PIKE, Edward Pilleys Island, Twillingate District 1608 24 Dora Pike (s) Stoker 1915 Roman Catholic No No
TRESISE, Cyril Henry Cornwall, England, United Kingdom 904 24 Dora Tresise (p) Salesman 1915 Methodist No No
JANES, Lewis Phillips Head, Twillingate District 8266 17 Dorcas Lidstone (p) Lumberman 1917 Methodist No No
MURCELL, Richard Baxter Little Bay Islands, Twillingate District 1582 21 Dorcas Murcell (p) Student 1915 Methodist No No
OSMOND, William Little Bay, Twillingate District 4114 19 Dorman Osmond (p) Fisherman 1917 Salvation Army Yes No Thursday, October 3, 1918
ALDERDICE, Norman H Water Street West, St. John's 0-142 Dorothy Alderdice (s) 1914 No No Attestation papers are not included. Microfilm mislabelled as Alderidge.
HICKS, John Benjamin Catalina, Trinity District 1163 18 Dottie Hicks (o) Telegraph operator 1915 Methodist No No
MILES, Heber John Bonavista, Bonavista District 934 19 Dougald Miles School teacher 1914 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No Saturday, March 18, 1916
LEHR, Harry J. 203 Water Street, St. John's 5734 24 Dr. A.B. Lehr (p) Dentist 1918 Presbyterian No No
ANDERSON, William Arthur Hearts Content, Trinity District 0-289 - 3889 18 Dr. Arthur Anderson (p) Student 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
BOWDEN, Hugh Pierson Wesleyville, Bonavista District 526 18 Dr. George F. Bowden (p) Student 1914 Methodist Yes No Tuesday, November 20, 1917 PDF I
RENDELL, Clifford Duckworth Street, St. John's 0-144 - 621 19 Dr. H. Rendell (p) Clerk 1914 Yes No Saturday, July 22, 1916 Photograph of grave-site included.
RENDELL, Herbert Anchorage, Duckworth Street, St, John's 0-93 Dr. H. Rendell (p) 1914 Yes No Sunday, September 29, 1918 PDF
TAIT, Robert Holland 267 Duckworth Street, St. John's 0-11 Dr. J.S. Tait (p) 1916 No No PDF I - Attestation papers not included
PATERSON, Reginald Grant Queens Road, St. John's 0-15 - 504 19 Dr. L. Paterson (o) Student 1914 No No PDF
PATERSON, John Queens Road, St. John's 0-211 - 3454 17 Dr. L. Paterson (p) Student 1917 Presbyterian No No
KEEGAN, Kevin J. St. John's 0-13 - 766 20 Dr. L.E. Keegan (p) No Information 1914 Unknown No No PDF
FRASER, Hazen 234 Duckworth Street, St. John's 2404 17 Dr. N.S. Fraser (p) Student 1916 Presbyterian No No
FRASER, Nutting Stewart 234 Duckworth Street, St. John's 0-47 - 1183 18 Dr. N.S. Fraser (p) 1914 No No Attested for short service.
FREEBAIRN, Buchanan W. Ferryland, Ferryland District 724 21 Dr. R. Jardine Freebairn (p) Clerk 1914 Yes No Saturday, October 23, 1915
FREEBAIRN, Charles A. Ferryland, Ferryland District 2811 19 Dr. Robert Freebairn (p) 1916 No No File missing.
HOGAN, Alden Joseph St. Marys, Placentia-St. Marys District 237 19 Dr. William Hogan (p) 1914 No No
GILLIS, Daniel River, St. George District 3339 18 Dugald Gillis (p) Fisherman 1916 Roman Catholic No No
HAYWARD, John C. M. Grand Falls, Twillingate District 8470 42 Dulcie M. Hayward (s) Labourer 1917 Church of England (Anglican) No No
ATWILL, James 120 Cornwall Avenue, St. John's 1914 25 Duncan Atwill (o) Labourer 1915 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No Saturday, July 1, 1916
SINNOTT, Brendan St. John's 830 18 E. Sinnott (p) Clerk 1914 Roman Catholic No No
COLBOURNE, Arthur Frederick Bishops Falls, Twillingate District 444 23 E.B. Colbourne (p) Blacksmith 1914 Church of England (Anglican) No No
LEMESSURIER, Ralph 113 Gower Street, St. John's 2416 18 E.M. LeMessurier (p) Student 1916 Church of England (Anglican)\ No No
DUNN, Sylvester Witless Bay, Ferryland District 6001 20 Earnest Dunn (o) Fisherman 1918 Roman Catholic No No
BURSEY, Herbert Lower Island Cove, Bay de Verde District 4544 20 Ebenezer Bursey (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
SPARKS, Selby Bay Roberts, Harbour Grace District 5137 21 Ebenezer Sparks (p) Carpenter 1918 Methodist No No Variant spelling of name - Sparkes.
STRONG, Herbert Clarenville, Trinity District 1662 19 Ebenezer Strong (p) Machinist 1915 Methodist No No
BUDGELL, Peter John Cottle Cove, Twillingate District 6292 19 Eber Budgell (p) Fisherman 1918 Salvation Army No No
BYRNE, Edward Joseph 8 Alexander Street, St. John's 2579 20 Ed Byrne (p) Shoemaker 1916 Roman Catholic No No
SHEEHAN, Edward 5 Howe Place, St. John's 3264 27 Ed Sheehan (p) Fireman 1916 Roman Catholic Yes No Sunday, July 8, 1917 Includes references to Michael Sheehan, discharged medically unfit. No information in service ledger.
DOMINY, Harry Greenspond, Bonavista District 3769 18 Edgar Dominy (p) Draper 1917 Church of England (Anglican) Yes No Thursday, March 14, 1918
GIBBONS, Percy Lumsden South, Fogo District 5171 21 Edgar Gibbons (p) Fisherman 1918 Methodist No No
HODDER, Wilfred Twillingate, Twillingate District 5460 19 Edgar Hodder (p) Clerk 1918 Methodist No No