First World War Physical Training Challenge

Physical Training Challenge

First World War Physical Training Challenge

How did a group of civilian volunteers become a dependable, disciplined fighting force known as the Newfoundland Regiment? From Pleasantville in St. John's to far-off locations overseas, the Regiment’s men received constant training. They marched and learned to use weapons while a daily physical drill helped whip them into shape.

The Rooms has created a program based on the Regiment’s fitness drill. Today’s young people can try out the very same exercises our soldiers did a century ago. Comparisons to modern training methods are included.

Educators have different options to implement the physical training with their students, from simple 10-minute options to more involved sets of drills done over time. Here are some ideas for incorporating the training:

  • Make it part of your Healthy Commotion.
  • Conduct a daily class practice.
  • Build the challenge into your commemorative activities.


Watch the Introductory Video Online.

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