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The Rooms Book Club: Lisa Moore - Caught

Display Date: 
Thursday, July 27
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$35, 10% discount for members

Join us at The Rooms Book Club in July with author Lisa Moore, winner of Canada Reads, and the New Yorker Best Book of the Year, for a conversation about her book, soon to be adapted for television series, Caught, and enjoy one complimentary drink included with your ticket.

Lisa Moore, is known for subtly crafted narratives that are at once sharp and impressionistic. In her novel, Caught, Moore’s disarmingly appealing new protagonist is unlike any she’s imagined before: a modern-day Billy the Kid, a swaggering folk hero in the making who busts out of prison to embark on one last great heist and win back the woman he loves.

Twenty-five-year-old David Slaney, locked up on charges of marijuana possession, has escaped his cell and sprinted to the highway. There, a friend of his sister and transported to a strip bar picks him up, where he survives his first night on the run. But evading the cops isn’t his only objective; Slaney intends to track down his old partner, Hearn, and get back into the drug business. Along the way, Slaney’s fugitive journey across Canada rushes vibrantly to life as he visits an old flame and adopts numerous guises to outpace authorities: hitchhiker, houseguest, student, lover. When finally he reunites with Hearn just steps ahead of a detective hell-bent on making a high-profile arrest, their scheme sends Slaney to Mexico, Colombia, and back again on an epic quest fueled by luck, charm, and unbending conviction.

Caught is a thrillingly charged escapade that thrums with energy and suspense and deftly captures a moment in the late 1970s before the almost folkloric glamour surrounding pot smuggling turned violent. Ripe with bravado, love, ambition, and folly, Caught is about trust and deceit, about the risks we take for the lives we want and the mistakes we can’t outrun.


Tickets are $35, 10% discount for members. Call 757-8090 to get your tickets today!