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The Hungry Month Of March

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Level 2 - Theatre
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Grab a picnic at the Mug Up Café and enjoy Rosemary House’s film series of short vignettes titled The Hungry Month of March. 

This look inside Newfoundland and Labrador’s lively and bold new cuisine, steeped in making-do, introduces the people and places behind the scenes of the food we eat. 

This most easterly Canadian province has 11,000 miles of coastline, once sparsely populated by fishermen and their families who searched for harbours to build a house and to fish from.  Before roads, when winter came and the harbours froze, you ate only what you had got. 

You would hope to make it through that long final month of winter, through the Hungry Month of March.   

Then, and now, the vital link has always been the fishermen and the hunters, the farmers, the purveyors, the people who gather food on and around this rock, the planet's 15th largest island.