Services & Fees



The Rooms Archivists provide assistance to researchers, both on-site and via email, phone, fax or mail. An appointment can be made with an Archivist to explore specific research requirements and interests.

Our Archives staff can discuss research topics, point out possible archival sources, and provide guidance in locating those sources.


All fees are subject to HST (add 15%). Cheques or money orders, payable to The Rooms Corporation, are due at the time of the request.

Researcher Registration Number: General admission fees do not apply to the Archives. First-time users pay $10 to obtain a permanent Researcher Registration Number.

Photocopies:  .25 per 8" x 10" page | .25 per 11" x 14" page | .50 per 11" x 17" page   
After the first 30 minutes of photocopying, $15/hour will be charged for labour.

Paper Prints from Microfilm: .50 per page
After the first 30 minutes of photocopying, $15/hour will be charged for labour.

Record search: $20 for an 11-year search (includes the year requested plus five years either side of that date)

Genealogical search: $20 for an 11-year search for a baptism, marriage or burial entry from our pre-1892 records.

True Copy:  $20 for an extract of a vital record or census entry

Certified copy: $20 for document certification for legal purposes

Private Researcher List: $50 per year for listing | $10 to change any information in listing before annual renewal

Fax (long distance):  $1.00 per page in addition to calling charges

Postage and handling: $1 for up to nine pages | $2 for up to 49 pages | $5 for up to 99 pages | $6 for up to 199 pages | $7 for 200+ pages

Courier: Charges for courier services are the responsibility of the researcher.

Handling fee for outsourced copying: $10 flat fee for 1-5 items | $15 flat fee for 6-10 items | $20 for 10 items and more

Inter-library loans returns: $5.00 per reel

Printouts from databases: $.25 per page

For information or assistance in accessing The Rooms Archives, call (709) 757-8030 or email