Past exhibit


Jennie Williams (Elbow Room Residency)

Display Date: 
October 8 2016 - January 15 2017

Jennie Williams was born and raised in Labrador in the most southern Inuit region in the circumpolar Arctic. She photographs people in their everyday environments and circumstances, working to document practices and traditions in the manner that they are celebrated today in Labrador. Recent bodies of work reveal her deep interest and love for Inuit cultural traditions, especially the photographic series Nalujuk Night, shot in Nain where she lives. At a summer residency at The Rooms, Williams will develop a new portrait series of urban Inuit living in St. John’s.

The exhibition is part of the Elbow Room Residency Series.

Image: Jennie Williams, Nalujuk (2015). Photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.