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Aleesa Cohene: I Don’t Get It

Display Date: 
February 10 - April 8 2018
Level 4 Art Gallery

I Don’t Get It, asks the viewer to consider how racism is subtly entrenched and reinforced through popular culture. Does exposing latent racism help change our reality? What is our personal role in maintaining a status quo that may be inherently racist? What can we do to change the status quo? The main artwork in this contemporary installation is a film presented over two screens. Edited together from footage from hundreds of major Hollywood films made since 2001, the composite storyline is a new but all too familiar one: a white character seeks to empower a character of colour, but ultimately reveals their motivations as self-serving. The exhibition is punctuated with a series of photographs and small sculptures based on imagery found in the film. These elements encourage the viewer to watch the film more closely, and to bring it into their own present reality.

Aleesa Cohene is an internationally celebrated Canadian contemporary artist, currently based in Los Angeles.

Find out more: www.aleesacohene.com

Aleesa Cohene. Whoa (Need a Towel?) (2017). Inkjet print. 58.4 x 104 cm. Inkjet print. Courtesy of the artist.




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