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The Rooms Book Club: Kerri Cull

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November 17, 2017
$35, 10% discount for Rooms members

In her new book, "Rock, Paper, Sex," Kerri Cull uncovers the thriving sex trade that quietly exists St. John's, a trade few are aware of or even understand. In an engaging journalistic style, Kerri Cull respectfully reveals the people who make up the city's surprisingly diverse sex industry and, in the process, makes a compelling humanistic argument for understanding before judgment. 

Join us as we hear from the author as she describes the work that went into this book, and how she unearthed the stories that real people had to tell her and the world. 

"Everyone deserves respect and safety, everyone deserves to be understood, and the first step to understanding anything, is to listen."

Cash bar, 19+. Tickets are $35, 10% discount for Rooms members. Admission includes one complimentary drink from the bar.