Museum Notes

The Beothuks

By Ralph T. Pastore 
Archaeology Unit, Memorial University of Newfoundland. 
Revised edition, Fall 1991 




The Newfoundland Museum: Origins and Development

By John E. Maunder
Fall 1991. 




Early Photography in Newfoundland

By Antonia McGrath 
Winter, 1980. Reprinted Fall, 1991.








Inuit in Labrador

By Brenda Clarke 
Winter 1981 
1st Reprint: Winter 1985 
2nd Reprint: Fall 1991 





Palaeoeskimo in Newfoundland & Labrador

By M.A.P. Renouf 
Fall 1991 



Newfoundland Banking Institutions and Currency

By C.F. Rowe 
Spring, 1981 
Reprinted Fall, 1991 


Furniture Making in Newfoundland: A General View

By Walter Peddle 
Summer, 1981 
Revised Fall, 1991 








The Newfoundland Wolf

By John E. Maunder 
Original edition, winter 1982; adapted, without cited references, and by permission, from The Osprey 13(2): 36-49, June 1982 
Revised and corrected edition, Fall 1991 







Conception Bay Furniture Maker

By Walter W. Peddle 
Fall 1982 
Reprint Fall 1991 




A Century of Armed Conflict in Newfoundland

By Bernard Ransom 
Winter 1982 
Reprinted Fall 1991 



The Geological Survey of Newfoundland

By Edward Tompkins 
Winter, 1984 
Reprinted Fall 1991 







The Maritime Archaic Tradition

By James A. Tuck 
Fall 1991 








William Winter: The Man Who Made The Furniture

By Cynthia Boyd 
Winter, 1991 







Newfoundland Samplers

By Anne Chafe 
Fall 1985