Family Fun

Follow along with The Rooms Education officers for some great family activities:

My Staycation Passport 2020

The Rooms 15th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Create your own Nature Journal, just like the scientists at The Rooms

Make your own Treasure Map, just like the Pirate treasure maps of the past

Make your very own giant squid: Click here to download your instructions and stencil

Biodiversity Challenge Scavenger hunt: Photograph all the things you find without collecting them from nature. Share a photo of you and your family participating and having fun with the hunt (don't forget to tag us)!

Good luck to you all – Enjoy!


Make your own Time Capsule - Step by Step Instructions



Anne Pickard-Vaandering demonstrates how to make a bouquet of paper flowers:


Terra Barrett demonstrates how to make a paper straw vase for your paper flower bouquet:

Click here to download the step by step instructions for the paper vase.