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The stories of those who served in the First World War will live on here.
Level 2 Museum

Future Possible: Art of Newfoundland & Labrador to 1949

Featuring: Alexander Young Jackson, Rockwell Kent, Robert Pilot, Maurice Cullen, Shanawdithit, Helen Parsons Shepherd, Rebecca Belmore, Mary Ann Penashue, Michael Pittman and many more.
May 12 - September 3
Level 3

All Around the Circle: An A to Z of Newfoundland and Labrador Places

Travel the province, Rooms-style! A charming glimpse into 26 of the province’s communities. Old places, new places–fishing, farming and resettled places. Make some surprising geographical connections, from Avondale to Zoar.
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Level 2

Up The Pond: The Royal St. John's Regatta

The Regatta is a two-century old St. John’s rowing event and gigantic garden party. This year The Rooms commemorates this time-honoured day of racing and fun. Explore Regatta artifacts, images and memorabilia.
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Level 3

Truth or Myth: Feast and Famine

An exploration of cultural identity and food in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rhonda Pelley: The Fever

You may recognize politicians, famous local buildings, and well-known historic events – what can you find that you recognize?
Now until November 2018
Level 2.5

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