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The House of Wooden Santas

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2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the award-winning children’s book, The House of Wooden Santas, written by local author Kevin Major, illustrated with Ned Pratt's photographs of wooden Santas carved by Imelda George. 

A Christmas classic, The House of Wooden Santas is a deeply felt story about belief in oneself and others, and belief in the spirit of the Season.  It is magical and contemporary and traces the days of December like an advent calendar. 

Jesse, a nine year old boy, and his mother move from the city and face the challenges of making a new life in a small town.  But it’s hard.  Jesse has no friends, and his mother’s carved wooden santas are not selling.  Will there even be a Christmas?  Jesse wonders.  But before the season is out, Jesse and his mom discover the true spirit of Christmas.

The Santas

A folk artist from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Imelda George is well-known across North America for her carved wooden Santas. From “Guardian Santa” to “Santa of Christmases Yet to Come”, she has created a delightful collection to fit Kevin Major’s narrative, as Jesse finally comes to the realization that it is the power of believing itself that is the true meaning of the season.