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Distance Research Aboriginal Ancestry Family History Collections

Distance Research

Genealogical Inquiries

Staff at the The Rooms Provincial Archives will conduct an eleven year search for a baptism, marriage or burial entry from its pre 1892 records. The total cost for a search is $22.60, which is payable when the request is submitted. This cost includes the twenty-dollar fee plus 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) which applies to all orders. Cheques or money orders are payable to The Rooms Corporation.

If the requested record is located, a typed extract of the complete information in that record is supplied. This is not a certificate. If the search is unsuccessful, notification will be to that effect. If a True Copy (certified copy for legal purposes) is required, there is an additional fee of $22.60.

Guidelines for Genealogical Inquiries

Very often, inquiries will give too little information or ask for too much to initiate a meaningful search. By observing the Guidelines for Genealogical Inquiries, distance users, who request genealogical record searches, can be provided with fast and efficient service.

Please be clear and concise in your request. Ask for only one record per request form. Circle whether you require the baptism, marriage or burial record of the individual. Identify the individual you are attempting to trace by giving the following information on the Genealogical Request for Search form:

1. the FULL NAME

2. the approximate DATE or YEAR of the record which you are seeking - a search will be conducted for that year and for five years either side of the year

3. PLACE OF RESIDENCE of the person at the time when the record would have been written

4. RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION - be specific, i.e., Church of England/Anglican, Congregational, Methodist/United Church, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army

Without the place of residence and the religious denomination, we CANNOT access our records for a search.

The records of baptisms, marriages and burials held at the Provincial Archives are photocopies, transcripts or microfilm copies of parish registers. The original registers are still in the possession of churches throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

The pre 1892 records of many parishes were not transcribed when requested by the Newfoundland Government, in 1940, many have not been photocopied or microfilmed, and some have been lost, mainly as the result of church related fires.

Each individual register has to be searched, page by page, entry by entry, to locate a record. Requests are processed in the order of date received at the Archives. Due to the large number of such requests, there may be delays in processing them. Your request will be filled as soon as possible.

These search regulations apply to pre-1892 records only at the Provincial Archives. Records from 1892 to the current year are registered with the Vital Statistics Division, and certificates should be requested from that source.

If you are seeking a copy of a record from 1892 to the current year, you should contact:

Vital Statistics Division
Department of Government Services and Lands
Government Services Centre
5 Mews Place
P. O. Box 8700
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4J6
Telephone: (709) 729-3308

We are able to suggest some alternatives to aid you in your research.

1. If at all possible, visit the The Rooms Provincial Archives at 9 Bonaventure Ave. Reference Desk staff will be more than happy to assist you in using the inventories to locate relevant records.

2. If you have relatives or friends in the St. John's area, you may be able to arrange for someone to visit The Rooms Provincial Archives to conduct research for you.

3. The Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Ancestor. Members of the Society may publish, free of charge, queries or information for each of their particular surname interests in a Research Interest Column. The Society is able to offer assistance and advice on methods of research. A membership brochure for this society is enclosed.

4. There are private researchers in the St. John's area who do genealogical research for a fee. The Provincial Archives does not assume any responsibility for the quality or completion of any research undertaken by those researchers. All research projects of this kind are private agreements between the person requesting the service and the researcher.

Please Note: As of 1 January, 2011, The Rooms Provincial Archives is no longer accepting requests for placement on the Private Researcher List.

Listing of Private Researchers

Name Research Interest
Ancestors on the Missing List? Newfoundland and Labrador
Elsa Flack, ONL*, CG(G)**
186 Tolt Road
Portugal Cove , St. Phillips
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
A1M 1R5
(709) 895-8186

* Order of Newfoundland and Labrador
** Denotes Certified Genealogist (Canada)

Detailed research projects to genealogical proof standard for the island of Newfoundland and for Labrador. Individual is also available to guide researchers though their own research projects when they visit St. John's.
Ancestral Archive Research, Newfoundland
2 Lidstone Crescent
Mt. Pearl, NL
A1N 4B6
Wayne Puddester
Newfoundland Genealogy
Results oriented. Upfront estimate.
Headstone picture service.
Software available, no charge.
Ancestor and History Research
1 Saunders Place
St. John's, NL
A1C 2G3
(709) 722-8188
Walter Batten
Over 30 years research experience
Genealogy, historical documents, government records, newspaper transcriptions and obituaries. Access to transcripts of Irish and English parish records. Research assistance service provided.
Dempsey, Ethel, MSW, RSW,PLCGS*
67 Notre Dame Drive
St. John's, NL
A1E 5W4
(709) 754-3977
*denotes Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies
Genealogical and Historical Research
Genealogy by Gene
Quigley, Gene, B.A. '88
45 Grenfell Avenue
St. John's, NL
A1C 3E1
(709) 754-9240
Genealogical Research, Province-wide

Marshall, Jill, B.A. (Hons.)
39 St. Michael's Ave.
St. John's, NL
A1E 1R7
(709) 579-3816 or

Genealogical Research (Province wide)

Have full membership
Power, Mike
49a Wabush Place.
St. John's, NL
A1C 5V5
(709) 745-5691
References supplied upon request.
Genealogical and Historical Research, Province-wide
Walsh, Patrick, BA, B. Ed.
12 Third Street
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 2A5
(709) 364 -5161
Former co-editor of a general interest genealogical journal
Genealogical and Historical Research,
Michael Wert
152 Gower Street
St. John's, NL
A1C 1P5
(709) 579-0662
Military, Fishery, Nautical, Photographs, Film Footage

Distance Research Aboriginal Ancestry Family History Collections
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