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Aboriginal Ancestry

VA15 C - 49.6
Micmac Guide (left) Jim John. Wigwam Along the Gander River
There are two possible ways of using the records at The Rooms Provincial Archives to research aboriginal ancestry:

1. Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials

In records of baptisms, marriages and burials, clergy sometimes (though rarely) noted aboriginal status.

2. Nominal Census Records

The 1921 Nominal Census asked the following question of each person enumerated:

"Are you a Micmac Indian?" Responses were not always given, but in many cases the reply of YES or NO was noted.

The 1935 Nominal Census sometimes noted aboriginal status under the heading - nationality.

The 1945 Nominal Census noted racial origin.

If you can determine where your ancestor was living in 1921, 1935 or 1945, the appropriate census record can be checked. Please submit your request on the Request for Search (Nominal Census Records) form (PDF).

Distance Research Aboriginal Ancestry Family History Collections
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